With college out of reach, ‘flag futbol’ eases Minnesota-to-Mexico journey


When Monica Perez Garcés returned to Mexico after living for seven years in Minnesota, she took a little Midwest back with her — a love for football, according to this mini-doc, posted on Vimeo today by the University of North Texas.

She went to school here and had applied to and had been accepted by college, according to the story, but she was unable to afford tuition. She went back to Mexico instead.

She started an all-female flag football league in Tenancingo in central Mexico.

It’s a nice little story, incomplete as it is. But it seems a poor substitute for an education. We’re attempting to find her.

Update 9/23 From Alex Scott, who produced the doc:

I wanted to clarify, in your post it stated that it (football) was a poor substitute for an education. She in fact started college at a UAEM in Toluca, Mexico upon her return, football something she does in addition to attending school. Many Mexican students receive nearly tuition free education at the state funded schools.