Did Wrenshall farmer win the Super Bowl contest?

It’s been a few weeks since all the hoopla died down in the attempt by a Minnesota egg farmer to win a Super Bowl commercial. Did he win?

“I get this question everyday and depending where I am, multiple times a day,” Jason Amundsen of Wrenshall writes on his blog today.


He doesn’t know. The finalists — four of them — will be flown to New York at the end of the month for the announcement.

“When a private jet lands at the Duluth airport, limousines and Escalades roll up to your farm in Wrenshall, and out tumble videographers and Bill Rancic, the winner of the first season of Donald Trump’s The Apprentice — you’ve already won,” Amundsen says. “The rest is gravy.”

In the meantime, Amundsen says he’s moved from the farm he was renting to a new location with a barn that better protected his chickens from this week’s deep freeze.