It’s good to be Canada

Below are a couple of reaction videos from schools and offices in Canada as their women’s Olympic hockey team won the gold medal over the U.S. women yesterday (h/t: Deadspin).

No doubt the following for today’s men’s game — also won by Canada — was as widespread, and certainly more widespread, than it was in the United States, with the possible exception of Warroad, Minn., and a few other hockey towns with nothing else to do.

But while Americans might’ve been interested, we weren’t as interested as this, and I feel pretty envious about it, frankly. We’ve had our moments of united (mostly) jubilation in front of TV screens across the country. But we’re usually dropping bombs on people.

One might think the 1980 USSR-USA hockey game came close, but it didn’t. It wasn’t televised live and when it did air, we were all in our individual homes. There was no communal moment for our country.

Other than the landing on the moon, I can’t think of another time in the United States when we experienced a communal celebration. And that was 45 years ago. Canada? They get to do it every four years.

It must be nice being Canada.