Minnesota Nice, Texas hospitality, Boston style

By now, you’ve probably heard of this moment in yesterday’s Boston Marathon when a runner collapsed a few hundred yards shy of the finish line.

Wouldn’t you know it? There was a little Minnesota Nice (the good kind) going on there.

The guy in the yellow is Mike Johnson, 47, from Stillwater.

“I saw that his name was Adam on his bib, and I asked, ‘How are you doing?” he tells the Star Tribune today.

“I am going to finish” came the reply, Johnson said.

A few yards from the finish line, the man got up and walked across the finish line.

The man in the turquoise shirt, Jim Grove of Texas, told NBC, “Out of the whole thing, the one moment that meant the most, was when we walked across the finish line. The young lady that was helping, I didn’t even know she was standing there until she turned and looked at me. We just smiled at each other, turned and put our hands on each other’s shoulders and didn’t say a word. It was a pretty awesome moment.

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