The man who runs marathons with a refrigerator on his back

The life of a marathoner is not one for mere mortals to judge but Tom Weber’s interview on Daily Circuit this morning provided a keen insight into what makes people run 26 miles, only to collapse at the end. Ellen Hunter-Gans of Edina wasn’t far from the finish line in Boston last year when the bombs went off. So she’s going back.

This morning, several marathoners left the Twin Cities on flights to Boston. The local airline showed again why there’s a special place in our hearts for marathoners.

But lost in the emotional run-up to Monday’s race in Boston was last weekend’s race in London, specifically Tony Morrison who finished the London Marathon (like Boston, one of the elite world marathons) in a little over six hours.

That’s a long time to run 26 miles, but you have to give him a little bit of a break. He ran with a refrigerator strapped on his back. And when he finished, he took a bus back to the starting line and ran it again. He wanted to repeat the run two more times, but he had to give up after sun stroke took its toll.

After the races, he said he’s giving up the fridge because he doesn’t want to take attention away from other fundraising efforts.

“I want to honor and pay tribute to my fellow fundraisers by not continuing to step so much out of the crowd,” he said.

Props to “Tony the Fridge” and a big round of jeers to the BBC for this ridiculous headline…