How not to tell your parents you dropped out

It was the perfect plan. How could it possibly have not worked?

Danielle Shea of Quincy, Mass., was supposed to graduate from Quinnipiac University in Connecticut over the weekend. The whole family was going to be there to watch. They would, no doubt, be so proud.

Her mother had given her thousands of dollars for her education. There was just one problem. She didn’t attend Quinnipiac University this year and so her name wasn’t on the list of graduates.

So over the weekend, Shea phoned in bomb threats and the commencement was postponed.

She had used her own cellphone to make the calls and she was arrested, while wearing a cap and gown that she bought on her own, inside the arena to where the exercises had been moved.

Some students, however, were so miffed by the confusion, they skipped commencement ceremonies altogether.