Man shakes off lightning strike

Country music must have a strong pull for Gage Stroening.

He was camping Friday at the campground for Country Fest in Cadott, Wisconsin, when he was struck by lightning. He had fallen when he stepped on his grill, then grabbed a metal pole on his camper.

“I remember everything; how it felt, and it felt terrible,” Stroening tells the Leader-Telegram. “Imagine grabbing onto an electrical fence, but it was 10 times worse than that — with a lot more juice. And I’ve grabbed onto a fence like that, so I know.”

“I got up and got on the stairs and grabbed the metal framing under my camper and the lightning struck. It hit the camper, and then it hit me,” he said. “It knocked me off the stairs and I started to have a seizure. I was down, but I pretty much woke up right after I was down.”

Nearby campers called emergency officials, but Stroening declined transport to a local hospital. He was later driven to an area hospital, where he was treated and stayed for about four hours.

“My mom was freaking out,” he said about contacting her. “I wanted to make sure it was OK with my mom before I went to the hospital.”
Stroening is supposed to wear the sling until he can fully support his arm.

The medical advice given to Stroening: Take it easy for a few days.

Not likely.

“I had to see Carrie Underwood, and I’m not missing these shows,” he said.