Missing D-Day vet found in France

The story behind this tweet from a nursing home is the stuff of a darned good movie.

Bernard Jordan, 89, went missing from the nursing home in Sussex, England yesterday morning.

The Guardian has the story on its live blog from the ceremonies in Normandy.

An 89-year-old veteran reported missing from a nursing home was found in France marking the anniversary of the D-day landings. The pensioner, who left wearing his war medals, has contacted the home and said his friends are going to make sure he gets back safely when the commemorations end.

Sussex police were called at 7.15pm on Thursday by staff at the Pines care home, Furze Hill, in Hove, who said an 89-year-old who lived there had gone out at 10.30am and had not been seen since. He had gone out wearing a grey mackintosh and a jacket underneath with his war medals on, police said.

Officers began searching the area, including checking hospitals in case something had happened to him, and spoke to bus and taxi companies, but none of them knew where he was.

The nursing home received a phone call from a younger veteran from Brighton at 10.30pm who said he had met the pensioner on a coach on the way to France and that they were safe and well in a hotel in Ouistreham.

In a statement, Sussex Police said:

We have spoken to the veteran who called the home today and are satisfied that the pensioner is fine and that his friends are going to ensure he gets back to Hove safely over the next couple of days after the D-Day celebrations finish.

Once the pensioner is home we will go and have a chat with him to check he is ok.

Sussex Police said they would not be naming the man.

A spokesman for the Pines care home said it was “definitely not the case” that the veteran was banned from attending D-day commemorations. A Sussex Police spokesman also denied reports that the home prevented the veteran attending the event. The home is expected to release a statement.

I’ve taken the report from the Press Association.