Evidence the Green Line is a transit success: Soucheray likes it

Who are you and what have you done with Joe Soucheray?

The most famous crank in the newspaper business in the Twin Cities and long-time opponent of the Central Corridor light-rail project has seen the light in, perhaps, the biggest turnaround in transit history.

In his column in the Pioneer Press today, Soucheray took the Green Line to the All Star Game last evening and pronounced it acceptable.

I loved it. I’m not sure a billion dollars needed to be spent for the likes of me, whose use of the thing will be so selective as to be virtually nonexistent. But I loved the rolling motion and the soothing canned voice of the female announcer who so proudly announced each stop. And I loved the idea of not having to park in the middle of the All-Star frenzy. I loved the fact that I was going to avoid the afternoon rush hour trying to get out of downtown Minneapolis.

Fantastic. But then I have always insisted that mass transit is brilliant where it makes sense. On an unbelievably micro scale, this made sense. Never look a gift toy in the mouth, I guess.

Disclosure: Minnesota Public Radio and the Metropolitan Council are negotiating ways to reduce noise and vibrations from the newly built light rail line outside MPR headquarters under a contract agreed to in 2009.