Timewasters: The ‘drone’ map

For minutes of cubicle fun, today’s recommendation goes to Don’t Fly Drones Here, a website that shows where you can fly your quadcopter, to be more accurate in terms.

Take the Minneapolis Saint Paul area, for example. As colleague, Scott Olstad points out, he could fly his quadcopter over NE Minneapolis, but not over Saint Paul.


Why? There’s an airport in downtown Saint Paul and most every “major” airport is off-limits within five miles.

Some cities have already banned the gadgets from skies over their communities. That’s not a situation in Minnesota where the only no-fly zone that’s not related to an airport or national park is Camp Ripley.

Of course, the map — like the policy that spawns it — ignores a reality: People are flying their quadcopters wherever they darned well please.

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