Mr. Aamodt’s opus

Here’s your daily dose of sweetness.

In Wahpeton, North Dakota, the students of Wahpeton High School and an elementary school got together yesterday to sing a tribute to a teacher.

Dean Aamodt, a music teacher, is North Dakota’s teacher of the year, the Fargo Forum reports.

Read that part again: He’s a music teacher, an endangered species in the era of standardized testing.

“I think it gives value to the 37 years that I’ve been doing this,” Aamodt told the newspaper. “I’m just thrilled all these people showed up to support me. … I never dreamed this would happen.”

“He is never less than positive. Even when he is having a bad day, he lifts everybody else up,” said high school senior Lizzie Brown, 17, of her teacher, who has to drive each day from Pelican Rapids.

At yesterday’s ceremony, he didn’t spend time on speeches. He donned a cap and led the kids in music.

Video: Much-loved Wahpeton music teacher named 2015 North Dakota Teach of the Year (WDAY)