Paper, pencils and voila! License plates

Johanna Baez-Rodriguez, of Springfield, Massachusetts, gave it a try, just not a very good try.

The woman’s license plates (in Massachusetts, license plates follow the driver, not the car) were revoked for unexplained reasons but she apparently wanted to drive anyway.

So she found a piece of cardboard and some coloring pencils and gave it a shot.

Massachusetts State Police

She was stopped this morning and charged with driving without a license or registration.

Here’s how the Massachusetts State Police put it:

New Massachusetts Registration Plates? We don’t think so.

Trooper from the Springfield Barracks stopped a car this morning on I-391 in Chicopee with this plate attached to it. The operator of the vehicle was charged with several violations including having a suspended license and revoked registration. Moral of the story, if you shouldn’t be driving, please don’t.