Why you can’t give a Timberwolves ticket away

Reddit and the website SB Nation had a lot of fun with this photo of a Timberwolves ticket taped to a pole.

As usual, there’s probably more to the story than someone who didn’t want to go to the game.

The Timberwolves usually give away a pair of free tickets to opening night each season to every season ticket holder. The team wants to fill the Target Center.

But the tickets are always lousy, usually stuck well up into the upper balcony, the sports equivalent of steerage considering the sorry state of Target Center. Why didn’t someone buy the ticket the team gave away? Maybe it’s because the worst seats in the house are the ones that were targeted for the biggest price increase this year.

Most fans wouldn’t insult their friends by relegating them to such poor seats so in the garbage they usually go, although we’re guessing similar tickets are still thumbtacked on company bulletin boards all over the metro this morning.

Last night’s attendance, by the way, was announced as 18,796. That figure probably includes the light pole.