For one teacher, the colder the better

As the cold snap that paralyzed us this week headed East last night, I heard from a relative in New England who asked, “how do you people in Minnesota live with this?”

“We whine and snivel and complain,” I said, “then when it moves East and people there whine and snivel and complain, we laugh at the people whining and snivelling and complaining. It’s how we cope.”

There are exceptions, of course.

Nathan Ziegler is one of them. Over the last few years he’s provided plenty of videos on YouTube experimenting with ways to take advantage of the cold. He calls it the Minnesota Cold Channel.

Ziegler, a former science teacher and current principal at Hope Academy, struck it big this week, getting national attention for his latest video.

Ziegler is good for Minnesota’s image. The fools in the East think we’re all like him.

(h/t: Mike Olson)