Keillor exiting … maybe … again

Garrison Keillor takes questions

Stop me if you’ve heard this before: Garrison Keillor is leaving hints that he’s about to hang it up.

Keillor, the host of “A Prairie Home Companion,” tells the Financial News & Daily Record of Jacksonville, Fla., that next season might be the last one for the show.

“If I can get through that one, I think maybe I would gently fade into the twilight,” he said in comments posted this week.

In 2009, he said he wouldn’t do the show for more than a couple more years.

A couple of years later, Keillor said 2013 would be his last.

It wasn’t.

Update 8 pm 2/19: From Keillor spokesman David O’Neill: “The quote attributed to him was a statement he made ‘using wide brush strokes for that eventuality of the show someday.'”

He did not specify to the reporter a specific season to wrap up the show.”

Update 6:30 am 2/20 From Marilyn Young, who wrote the story: “The quote is exactly as he said it.”