Asked about spring, groundhog bites mayor instead

Jimmy the Groundhog did its thing this morning in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin.

Jimmy didn’t see his shadow, which isn’t surprising since Jimmy looked for it before the sun was up far enough to cast shadows this morning.

No matter. The rodent made its prediction anyway. Via Facebook, of course.


Jimmy, who lives in La Crosse, didn’t have much choice. The groundhog in Pennsylvania saw its shadow and predicted six more weeks of winter. And considering the trash talk from Jimmy’s caretaker in the La Crosse Tribune, there was no way Jimmy could agree.

I haven’t heard from them for a while now, but they think they’re so much better than us. Because, well, first of all, they’re in the Eastern time zone so (Punxsutawney Phil) is able to give the prediction before Jimmy. As far as I’m concerned, he’s a fake. He’s terrible as far as predicting. He’s about 40 percent, where Jimmy is about 80 percent. At one time they actually let the media know that Sun Prairie is just a two-cow town. So there isn’t a lot of love there between Punxsutawney and Sun Prairie.

When the groundhog in Pennsylvania saw its shadow, the weather was overcast.

Meanwhile, in Embarrass… no shadow.