MOA prosecutions the best thing to happen to a movement

Had the Mall of America and Bloomington officials let people disperse as they were in the process of doing in January when Black Lives Matter held its “illegal” protest in the Rotunda, they might not have handed a huge victory to the group.

But every movement needs its martyrs. It’s how an issue stays front and center. It’s what keeps the story in the news.

That’s the irony of the Mall’s and Bloomington’s intention to make an example of 11 protestors who appeared in court today — it gives a movement the fuel it needed.

Today’s court hearing at the Southdale Service Center provided that evidence as this Vine from Abdi Ali showed.

The 11 pleaded not guilty and another hearing will be held in May, at which time Black Lives Matter will get another opportunity to get their message out once more.

Far from preventing future demonstrations inside the Mall of America, the prosecution of the demonstrators guarantees there will be more.

Any casual knowledge of history should’ve told us that.