In distracted driver crackdown, how far is too far?

The results, so far, from the Minnesota State Patrol’s crackdown on distracted drivers suggest maybe it shouldn’t be a short-term crackdown.

Surely by now it can’t be a secret to any driver that portable electronic devices and driving safely don’t go together. There is no shortage of individuals whose lives have been ruined to attest to it.

Yet, check out the State Patrol’s Twitter feed for the last 24 hours:

Why look at the tablet? The little voice will tell you how to get where you’re going. Trust the little voice.

It’s unlikely there’s an email worth reading while driving, but, come on, two hands?

And here is where we have a problem. Is eating an ice cream cone distracted driving? Is it time to outlaw drive-throughs?

Twitter pushed back, of course.

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