Klobuchar writing memoir, so let the speculation begin

Photo:  Jennifer Simonson/Minnesota Public Radio News/File.

Few politicians in these parts have benefited from idle national speculation more than Sen. Amy Klobuchar. She’s been mentioned as a potential Supreme Court member, possibly an attorney general nominee without a whiff of evidence that she was a serious contender for either position.

We presume her presidential possibilities are next now that word has come that she’s writing her memoir, a requirement these days if you’re going to run for president.

Is she going to run for president someday? She said in 2013 she’s not. But she refused to be interviewed for the story in the Star Tribune.

The memoir is sprawling, reportedly covering Klobuchar’s early years, her father’s struggles with alcohol, her career as a prosecutor and her first 2006 campaign to be a senator. Her father, Jim Klobuchar, was a longtime columnist for the Star Tribune.

The senator writes extensively, according to her publisher’s release, about how she became a moderate Democrat and why she favors setting aside “partisan flame-throwing” to working with the other side.

Klobuchar tells the story of getting kicked out of the hospital while her infant daughter was still in intensive care, and how that inspired her to fight for a law guaranteeing new mothers and babies 48-hour hospital stays.

Born in Plymouth, Klobuchar was the valedictorian of Wayzata High School and went to law school at Yale. Before running for public office, she was the chief prosecutor for Hennepin County.

Openly ambitious, Klobuchar always declines to say what she hopes to do next, saying she relishes serving Minnesota in the U.S. Senate.

A book about growing up in the suburbs of the Twin Cities, being a valedictorian at Wayzata High, and going to law school at Yale and how it all led to her becoming a moderate Democrat? Profiles in Moderation.

The book will be released shortly after the Iowa straw poll.

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