Report: MN privacy law could prevent getting on a plane

Though we’re always suspicious of headlines that suggest something may happen — because it may not, but how newsy is that? — we’re at least tempted to consider the consequences of legislation passed in good faith.

KARE 11 reports that when the federal government passed the Real ID act in 2009, mandating security measures be added to state driver’s licenses, it expected all states to comply quickly.

But Minnesota’s Legislature passed a law forbidding the Minnesota Department of Public Safety to even consider implementing the law because of cost and data privacy concerns.

“As soon as January 2016, Minnesotans may not be allowed to board federally-regulated commercial aircraft using a Minnesota state driver license or identification card,” Romana Dohman, Commissioner of Public Safety, has told lawmakers.

The author of the bill says he now favors repealing it.

“To impinge on Minnesotans to get on an airplane, is a pretty big deal,” Rep. Scott Dibble says.

There’s no deal bigger.