Analysis: Rep. Peterson is most likely to buck his party

Whenever I’ve gone off to cover the Minnesota delegation at a Democratic National Convention, there’s always one Democratic member of the state’s congressional delegation I never see, and whose name is never uttered — Rep. Collin Peterson.

A Washington Post analysis today of votes in Congress shows why: No other Democrat in the House votes against his party more than Peterson. Bucking the party can make you an outcast.

Washington Post graphic

The analysis comes with a caveat: It includes all votes, including those that don’t really matter much in the big scheme of things.

The Post says things change when the analysis includes only close votes. Except for Peterson. He still leads all Democrats in bucking the party and the percentage of votes in which he does doesn’t change too much.

Washington Post graphic.

No other member of the Minnesota congressional delegation — Republican or Democrat — makes the list.

Meanwhile, the national Republican Party targeted Peterson for voting against repealing country of origin labeling, “leaving Minnesota farmers out to dry while Peterson stands with liberal special interests,” it said in a press release.