CNN anchor shows how not to cover mass murder

Ever since he released his “five things black people need to do to combat racism,” CNN anchor Don Lemon has been a lightning rod on issues of racism.

Today, a block away from where nine African-Americans were slaughtered in Charleston, S.C., Lemon was again the target of complaints that he undercuts African-American struggles against racism.

A woman shouted that he was an “Uncle Tom” for his oft-cited refusals to call out white racism.

Incredibly, Lemon dismissed the woman’s anger by saying “it’s important that people see the ignorance.”

“If I don’t carry a certain narrative, I’m then called an Uncle Tom and sellout,” Lemon said last year.

“Don is a little bit of a lightning rod,” CNN boss Jeff Zucker told GQ last month. “Frankly, we needed a little bit of lightning.”

You really don’t, CNN. When you’re covering the killings of people because of the color of their skin, the story isn’t about you.

(h/t: Jonathan Blakley)