Cooler legs prevail in new Mayo dress code

The venerable Mayo Clinic is allowing its employees to step into the the 21st century where dress is concerned.

KTTC reports that nylons and pantyhose will no longer be required women’s wear.

“You would not believe how excited people are,” senior web production specialist Danielle Teal tells the Rochester TV station. “I mean, it’s definitely a reference to the Braveheart ‘Freedom!’, you know? You want to yell it out, run around and throw your pantyhose out the window.”

The new policy takes effect tomorrow.

Why the requirement in the first place?

“We do that because we feel that looking professional and dressing professionally instills confidence in our patients,” Diane Holmay, chief of nursing for Mayo-Franciscan’s southwest Wisconsin region, tells the La Crosse Tribune.

“This will not impact our patient care,” she said, noting that nurses still will wear hose under their scrubs in patient-care areas.

It follows testing at Mayo facilities in Arizona and Florida in which it was found that women without nylons don’t affect patient care.