Jimmy the kangaroo is marsupial non grata in Beaver Dam

A kangaroo cannot be a service animal.

So ruled the Common Council of Beaver Dam, Wis., this week.

The Beaver Dam Daily Citizen says the new ordinance was adopted without discussion, leaving the question unanswered how a group of people are able to sit together to pass an ordinance motivated by a kangaroo as a service animal without being able to avoid saying something.

The ordinance stems from the case of Jimmy the kangaroo, who was tossed out of a McDonald’s last February, pretty much for being a kangaroo.

Diana Moyer said she had a doctor’s permission to use a kangaroo as a therapy animal. She has five of them now.

City officials say the new ordinance complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act, which defines a service animal as a dog. In some instances, it also says a miniature horse also qualifies. (I know what you’re thinking. So, here.)

(h/t: Bob Hicks)