Vandals can’t keep a good BBQ joint down in Bayport

Well, isn’t this just a fine way to find your business when you show up for work in the morning.

Photo: Bayport BBQ Facebook page.

Owner Chris Johnson found this yesterday at his Bayport BBQ.

Someone, it would seem, had a poor dining experience so spray-painted the storefront and jammed screws in the front door, according to Eater. Someone, apparently, with an inability to spell.

It’s the kind of thing that can ruin your day, of course. But then the neighborhood kids showed up — Nick and Tony in this case, according to the restaurant’s Facebook page.

Photo:  Bayport BBQ

Other people pitched in and they got the screws removed from the door…

Photo: Bayport BBQ

To show its gratitude, the restaurant/bar will provide a concert on Friday evening for free. It’ll still pay the band, it notes.

(h/t: Bill Wareham)