When is it too early to mow your lawn?

We don’t recommend violence against anyone, but, truthfully, we at least have some understanding of the frustration that can move people to do something stupid while battling an invasive species in Minnesota — the guy who mows his lawn early in the morning.

Listen to me, Minnesota. Seven in the morning is too early to mow your lawn!

James Brobin, 57, was arrested July 2 in Ely after he allegedly pointed a shotgun for 20 seconds at Jason Carlson, who fired up the lawnmower at 7, Forum News says.

Brobin faces five years in prison.

Although it wasn’t that hot on July 2, this is an issue at this time of the year. With the heat of the day, when is it too early to mow your lawn?

We defer to the Greenpal blog. And, in the interest of safety, to the neighbor with a shotgun.