‘Outrage Nation’ gets its comeuppance from sorority

This video, from an Arizona Diamondbacks broadcast earlier this week, was like blood in the water for the professionally outraged and judgmental — in order words: Twitter and Facebook.

(Video link)

The women, members of a sorority at Arizona State — were minding their own business at the ballpark, having fun however they chose. They weren’t bothering anybody, but that’s not the world in which social media fans live. They endured a nation of ridicule in the last couple of days.

To make up for it, the Diamondbacks invited the women back for another game before the season ends.

On their Facebook page, they said “no thanks” in the best possible way.


“This is a great example of how quickly society jumps to conclusions about people and how inaccurate they can be. As educators we have to be really careful not to do the same thing in our classrooms by pegging kids with our own assumptions,” a teacher said on his blog.

Your move, Outrage Nation.

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