Pizza delivery driver stops to rescue man from winter

Photo: Angela Nguyen

Today’s moment of sweetness comes from the rural edge of Ham Lake in Anoka County.

A 76-year-old man has pretty much given up on life after his house was damaged in a storm and his son was killed on a snowmobile. He now lives in a small camper with no electricity, heat, or running water.

So Angela Lee Lydeen Nguyen, who delivers pizzas, stepped in, according to KARE 11.

She started a GoFundMe page under the headline, “Not in our community!” with the goal of raising $8,000.

I am a delivery driver for Dominos in Ham Lake. I have delivered pizzas to an elderly gentleman named Lee who lives on Hiawatha beach drive in Ham lake.

Lee is retired and lives on a fixed income from social security. Sadly his home burned down a while ago. It was fully paid for and due to his fixed income he had no homeowners insurance. Lee is now living in a very small trailer on his property.

He has no heat, no running water, no way to shower or relieve himself. Today I brought him a small heater as he said he was cold when his pizza was delivered. When we plugged in the heater his surge protector tripped. He has no access to a safe electrical source.

Lee is confused and does not drive. He gets meals on wheels during the week. He has no stove or refrigerator so I assume he lives on the 1 meal a day during the week and Dominos pizza on weekends. I have started the go fund me account to try to help Lee.

It is my hope to get enough to rent him a small studio apartment. He would need a bed and basic necessities such as dishes, silverware and other necessities. Also someone to help him move the few items he has of value.

I don’t know Lee to well personally, but what I do know is he’s kind, likes bluegrass music and used to love to fish. If you can help thank you. If not can you please pray? I will help this man with Gods help and yours. Thank you

In just three days, she’s almost reached the goal.

KARE 11 says yesterday a construction company volunteered to build the man a small house to shelter him during the coming winter.