Why don’t women fly? Because they’re told they can’t

Last Saturday, Delta Airlines provided a flight from Minneapolis to the Museum of Flight in Seattle, crewed entirely by women and whose passengers were all girls.

The effort is part of an extraordinary ongoing mission in the aviation community to show girls that there are careers in aviation. Let the record show that it’s 2015 and these efforts are still needed.

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About 130 girls from Minnesota and Michigan were on the flight, the Mankato Free Press says. Of the 16 girls from Mankato, five had never flown before.

One of the organizers said she wanted to counter the ongoing message like the one she heard from a woman recently who said she didn’t want to be a pilot because she wanted to raise her family instead.

“I don’t think it was intentionally a slam,” Catherine Plasschaert, a Delta pilot from North Mankato, said. “It is common to hear comments like that in our field for women.”

It’s 2015.

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