McDonald’s fight video: What would you have done?

Perhaps you’ve seen the video a man on the way home from a curling match filmed at a McDonald’s drive-thru on Stinson Boulevard in Minneapolis on Monday. (Warning: Obscenities)

“At first I was annoyed the guy in front of me was taking so long,” Gabe Hart posted on LiveLeak. “He seemed pretty upset to begin with, but it looked like when the McDonald’s guy handed him his cash and change back he dropped some of the dude’s change. That’s when he got out of his car, spit on the drive-through window and tried to punch the McDonald’s [worker] and that’s when I started recording.”

It’s been a big hit online, but we wondered when someone would get around to asking a pretty obvious question.


Props to Laura Lund of Minneapolis for asking it in the Star Tribune letters.

What does it say about our society that a person in the drive-through line at McDonald’s recorded a physical altercation between the customer in front of him and a drive-through employee for 67 seconds (“Video shows irate drive-up customer choking an employee …,” Nov. 5) without getting out of his car to help or at least calling 911?

“He grabbed my tie, and he’s trying to get me out of the window. He was choking me. … I was fighting for my life,” the McDonald’s manager, Bernard Robinson III, told the newspaper.

Think about that quote again.

“I was fighting for my life.”

What would you have done?