‘Caucasians’ T-shirt resets debate over racist sports mascots


An odd thing happened today when someone wore a T-shirt of a sports team featuring a racial caricature. It offended some people.

Normally, that’s not news. Many people have been ignoring the complaints of racial caricatures in sports names and mascots for years But when ESPN personality Bomani Jones wore a shirt of a fictitious sports team — the Caucasians — in a parody of Cleveland Indians attire, the “just get over it” crowd didn’t get over it.

“This is the same thing. What we have here is the same thing that goes on with the Cleveland Indians. If you’re quiet about the Indians, but you have something to say about this shirt, I think it’s time for some introspection,” he said.


As the show progressed, ESPN eventually told Jones to cover up the shirt because he’d made his point.