Civil War, slavery remarks an issue in Minn. 2nd race

It’s not often we see a congressional race in Minnesota get as negative as the one that’s underway in the 2nd District to replace retiring Rep. John Kline.

Former state Sen. John Howe went on the offensive in a big way over the weekend when he released this video excoriating fellow Republican Jason Lewis for his comments on slavery and the Civil War.

“I take issue with … your line questioning whether ‘the abolishment of slavery was worth trampling states rights, etc.,” Lewis told MinnPost’s Cyndi Brucato in February. “I never said, wrote or insinuated that. What I did question is whether the war or emancipated compensation was the best way to eliminate slavery.”

His book comments were earlier amplified by Star Tribune blogger Michael Brodkorb, a former Republican operative.

Five Republicans are running for the party endorsement. Three, including Lewis, have said they’d abide by the endorsement process; one said she would not. Howe said at a debate earlier this month that he’d take a wait-and-see approach.

The winner will take on DFLer Angie Craig.