Eagles eat cat as nature loses a few fans

We like nature as long as nature is pretty and cuddly and cute. But, let me tell you, it’s an eagle-eat-cat world out there and that’s upsetting people, apparently.

In Pittsburgh, one of those eagle webcams caught nature being nature when an eagle brought a dead cat back to the nest for the babies.

Warning: This isn’t for cat people.

“A lot of people have an idyllic view of these eagles. I think the eagle cameras are providing an education of what it takes to survive and raise offspring in nature,” Rachel Handel, spokeswoman for the Audubon Society of Western Pennsylvania, tells the Pittsburgh Post Gazette.

“The circle of life sucks,” said one commenter on the Society’s Facebook page.

“It is a little insensitive to someone who may be missing their pet,” wrote another.

And another one opined that she’s had just about enough of bald eagles. “Raptors tear their larger prey to pieces alive. I can’t imagine a more terrifying, painful, slow way to be killed as a prey animal in nature. I do not like raptors and don’t want them around here. I would not shoot them, but I am never happy to see them,” she said.

The Audubon Society was kind and respectful in delivering a message that basically amounted to, “too bad.”


This morning, the eaglets were munching on a fish head. Imagine: Eating fish.

In other eagles news, remember that eagle that was rescued by a Minnesota state trooper after it was hit by a car? It will be released back to the wild today.