Why there’s a Mexican flag flying over Vancouver

Photo:  Diego Saul Rayna via Facebook.

Diego Saul Rayna was pretty proud of the work he and his construction friends did on a building in Vancouver, so — as tradition dictates — he hung the flag of his country on the top.

The building was the Trump tower in Vancouver.

Rayna wrote over the weekend on his Facebook page.

Because from the concrete pouring, finishing, drywall, taping, wood forming and general labour, Mexicans were there, building it, doing good work.

The comments Trump has made about us, did not stop us from doing the high quality work we have always done, in our home country or when we migrate to the US/Canada.

Mr. Trump, we did our best work. Your tower here in Vancouver is premium quality, and we were a crucial part of it, not just Mexicans but immigrants as a whole, like your ancestors were.

The insults you have said about us, have not changed our work ethics. While working on your tower Mexicans
didn’t steal anything nor raped anyone; we just did the best work we could possibly do, for my ourselves, our families and the future tenants in your building.

“Canada is a very tolerant society, and that’s what scares me the most—that when people hear Mr. Trump that [attitude] is going to spill into Canada,” he told Fusion today. “Here in Canada, Latinos, Mexicans, everyone is accepted and respected. I know that in the U.S., it’s a different story, but here it’s good.

“Comments from Trump will ruin that. I feel threatened. My way of life is threatened; everybody who is a foreigner is threatened,” he said.

(h/t: Mike Olson)