100-year-old woman sets record in 100-meter race

We don’t know for sure if Ida Keeling’s goal in life is to make us feel like slugs but if it is, it’s working splendidly.

Ida is 100 years old and set a record at the Penn Relays over the weekend for the 100 meter race in the 100-and-up category, finishing the race in a minute and 17 seconds, just a 1 minute and 10 seconds off Usain Bolt’s 100-meter world record.

Daughter Shelley Keeling, who entered her mother in a race at age 67, says this might be it for Ida. She’s got her eye on some weightlifting records now.

“I’d rather she leave on a high note,” Shelley told Runner’s World. “She’s quite strong, and there’s no records in any of the powerlifting, bench, squat, and deadlift.”