Hockey star takes Grand Forks girl to the prom

Baylee Bjorge, a senior at Grand Forks Central High School, started a Twitter account recently and asked University of North Dakota freshman hockey star Brock Boeser to the prom.

But her mother shut the account down without knowing about the invitation.

“I don’t like her on them,” Katie Marcotte tells the Grand Forks Herald.

Baylee, who is a fixture at sporting events in the region, has Down Syndrome. And Bjorge tried to respond to the tweet, but the account was gone.

He tracked down a mutual friend to get a phone number for Marcotte. He texted Marcotte on Tuesday night, asking if he could still take Baylee to prom.

Marcotte didn’t know much about Boeser, though. She asked her oldest son, Boe, one of the top scorers on the Central boys hockey team: “Who is this kid?”

“He said, ‘Are you serious? He’s one of the best hockey players in the country. That’s amazing,'” Marcotte said.

Baylee apparently had given up on going to the prom. The family was on vacation in Florida when Boeser, a first round draft pick of the Vancouver Canucks, called.

The family returns from vacation today so the two can go to the prom.