St. John’s Prep student rewards the woman who inspires him

Here’s your daily dose of sweetness:

Because of poems like this, Julia Dinsmore inspires people like St. John’s Prep Student Cullin Egge.

Dinsmore wrote the poem after trying to buy a house with other people who were struggling financially in Minneapolis.

‘Those people don’t need housing. We give them turkeys at Christmas,’ ” Dinsmore said of the person in charge.

She speaks to groups about overcoming obstacles and in one session several years ago she met young Cullin.

“He had figured out how to overcome bullying,” Dinsmore, an advocate for people in poverty and those who are homeless, tells the St. Cloud Times.

They became friends over the years so when the director of St. John’s Prep’s campus ministry asked students who they’d give $1,000 to, Egge thought of Dinsmore.

So he applied for a $1,000 grant that helps people in need and this week he surprised his mentor with a gift, the Times reports today.

“I thought I was going to get a standing ovation,” she told the paper. “I was in shock. This is a huge help (for me).”