A city slicker tries to get to Woodbury

We curmudgeonly types live for those moments when a friend or colleague (sometimes they’re one and the same) tells us that we’re right. [Insert cliched reference to it not happening that often here].

The subject: The transportation backwater that is Minnesota.

The particulars: Getting around St. Paul or Minneapolis is pretty easy. But try to get 8.8 miles from downtown St. Paul to the retail center of the far east metro — Woodbury (pop. 65,656)– without a car (which would make it a 14 minute trip) is a Herculean task.

The proof: Lucas Taylor tried to do it from Minneapolis because he had a gift card for Cabela’s.

First he found that the first eastbound bus to Woodbury wasn’t until 3. It was 7 in the morning.

So he did a little work around the homestead and then tried to get there via transit. He had five hours to kill, he writes on his hysterically sad post on Stubble.

He killed time in St. Paul, which, of course, included almost getting killed crossing a street legally, he says.

He finally made it to Cabella’s (the bus stop is at least a mile away) and he bought $27 worth of socks before racing to catch one of the last buses back to St. Paul, which he made because the driver slowed and waited until he could get on.

It’s not all bad in the east metro.

Go read it.

(h/t: Julia Schrenkler)