David Carr’s life now a mini-series

There will be a “Night of the Gun” mini-series, Sony pictures announced today.

David Carr, the former New York Times and Twin Cities journalist will be played by Bob Odenkirk, perfect casting considering how much Odenkirk looks like Carr, who died a year ago from complications of lung cancer and heart disease.

“I read David’s story, ‘The Night of the Gun,’ when it came out and was wildly entertained by his saga. It’s a story of survival filled with pain, crack, journalistic righteousness, abandoned cars, crooks, lies, and then there’s the two little girls who saved his life; it’s overstuffed with humanity,” Odenkirk said in a press release statement.

The title comes from an evening of pill-popping and imbibing at the Cabooze, a bar on the West Bank during which Carr threw his best friend on a car. Later, as Carr tried to kick his friend’s door in, his friend came to the door with a gun. That’s the way Carr remembered it anyway. Years later, his friend told him it was Carr who had the gun. Then it rang a bell.

“If I was wrong about the gun,” Carr said in a New York Times video in 2008, “what else was I wrong about?”

The series, which will air on AMC, will be a six-part mini-series.

Shawn Ryan,who created “The Shield” will write and produce the series.