RNC delegates get their morning pep talk

Every morning during a national political convention, the state delegations get a pep talk over breakfast.

For the Ohio delegation today, it came from Frank Luntz, the Republican strategist and TV talking head.

Luntz pointed out an African American man in the room — he turned out to be the hotel banquet manager — and asked, “Sir, what issues concern you the most?”‘ Luntz said. The man replied that he is worried about national security, about jobs and health care, according to WVXU Radio.

Luntz told delegates, “your goal over the next three days is to convert him,” he said. But the video was edited by the Columbus Dispatch so it’s hard to tell how Luntz knew he wasn’t already a Republican.

“He looks like he’s smoking marijuana,” an Ohio delegate said of the man who stood quietly, dressed in a suit.