Vi Hart explains BLM with Sharpie and paper

Vi Hart, famous — and adored –for her YouTube videos explaining complex math, has a point in her latest video. Even with all of the hours of news coverage, and the barrels of ink in newspapers, the surrounding coverage of rising tensions ignores the complex problems behind complex problems. They’re not doing that well with the simple ones, either.

“I know a whole lot of you are still catching up on events, and black organizers of social change don’t have time to give 101 courses to every internet person who is of the opinion that ‘if you just do what police say you’ll be fine’ and ‘All Lives Matter,'” she says in her latest video, posted overnight.

So she got the Sharpie and notebook out and gave it a shot.

“I know there’s a lot of white people out there who are afraid or unsure of whether or how to engage with any of this because they’re afraid of doing it wrong or being called racist when they’re just trying to help, and, I sympathize, but you’ll live,” Hart says.

If you can’t see the video, here’s the transcript.