The world’s bikers try to cheer a girl with cancer

Today’s daily dose of sweetness comes from Derry in Ireland where Alexandra Johnston, 14, is fighting cancer for the second time. While undergoing chemotherapy treatment, she finished off all seasons of the Sons of Anarchy in one-month and has developed a bit of a thing for motorcycles.

“Alexandra is supposed to be receiving chemo once every three weeks but because her body has been through so much, her bloods aren’t recovering between treatments. This means the break between chemo is longer and she hasn’t been able to go back to school yet this year,” her dad tells the Derry Journal.

She was given 3-6 months to live when she was first diagnosed in 2013

She didn’t know a few days ago that when the ‘Brothers of the Third Wheel’ motorcycle club went roaring toward her house, they were there for her.

(Video link)

These sorts of things have a way of zipping across the Internet and, indeed, this one is. Bikers from around the world are posting pictures and wishes on her Facebook page. She’s still waiting to hear from the Sons of Anarchy, however.