Think you’re a safe driver? Prove it

People who fly airplanes have to prove every two years that they’re still capable of performing the task and they’re knowledgeable about the rules. It’s one of the reasons why the U.S. is the safest nation in the world for aviation.

The unbelievable video from the Hudson Police Department inspires us to renew our suggestion that maybe it’s not a bad idea for drivers to have the occasional mandatory refresher training.

There’s a law requiring people go move over — or at least slow down — if there’s a police car by the side of the road. But anyone who drives the mean streets of Minnesota and Wisconsin know that drivers treat it as a mere suggestion, if they’re aware of the law at all.

KARE 11 says the pick-up driver didn’t see the officer’s car, what with the flashing lights, and having a long, straight stretch of road to see the situation ahead and all.


The cruiser ended up like this, a testament to the pickup driver’s inattention.

Photo: Hudson Police Department via Facebook.

Another driver captured the crash on his dashboard camera.

Photo: Matt Frasch

On the department’s Facebook page, commenters blamed the person changing a tire in the left-side breakdown lane.

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