Update: Do presidents influence gasoline prices?

Last-day housekeeping: Let’s update the old misguided and inaccurate barometer to measure presidential performance that surfaced often since the dawn of NewsCut 9 years ago.

Gasoline prices were a big AM-radio talker when gasoline prices hit $4 a gallon, declaring that energy policies dictated gasoline prices. It was a big push from the conservative Heritage Foundation, you may recall. As I wrote in January 2011, the assertion failed to look at the worldwide economy effect on energy prices. Gasoline was at a low eight years ago because the economy was in the tank.

But let’s update the chart I used at the time, while noting that it proves absolutely nothing.

President Price at beginning of term Price at end of term Difference
Clinton – 1st term $1.05 $1.23 +17%
Clinton – 2nd term $1.23 $1.45 +18%
Bush – 1st term $1.45 $1.83 +26%
Bush – 2nd term $1.83 $2.70 +48%
Obama – 1st term* $2.70 $3.03 +12%
Obama – 2nd term $3.03 $2.36 -22%