Couple refuses to remove ‘N word’ spray-painted on their house

Sometime during Martin Luther King Day weekend, someone spray-painted the “N word” on the home of Heather Lindsay and her husband, Lexene Charles, in Connecticut.

Somebody knows who did it and the biracial couple is refusing to remove it from the garage door. They say the city isn’t doing enough to investigate the attack, including interviewing three neighbors who have shouted racial epithets in the past.

But the city is doing something. It’s fining the couple $100 a day with a blight citation.

“The incident that occurred is disgusting and it is something the Stamford Police Department continues to have under investigation,” Ted Jankowski, the city’s director of public safety, said in an emailed statement to the Stamford Advocate.

The Police Department has repeatedly offered to remove the racial slur, the paper reported.

“For them to be called n——, it must be so hurtful that they can easily just erase the board and suffer within, quietly by themselves, and act like nothing happened,” said Darnell Crosland, legal counsel for the state NAACP. “And in fact, that’s what the Stamford police asked them to do. They were requested to take the sign down … and to just act normal, like nothing happened.”

“There are kids in this neighborhood,” a neighbor said. “Why do we have to subject them to that?”