Remembering the Bowling Green massacre

Kellyanne Conway’s citation of a massacre in Bowling Green — a massacre that didn’t ever happen — has certainly spawned a fair amount of head-scratching and jokes on the Interwebs.

For sheer brilliance in response, we’re going to say this is what wins the internet today.


The Bowling Green Massacre Victims Fund website says:

We all still carry the vivid memories of what horrors occurred at Bowling Green, but some still relive those moments everyday as they work to rebuild a community torn apart.

The link to donate to the fund goes to the ACLU.

Second-prize honors for winning the Internet today goes to…

As an aside, the U.S. House has voted to overturn a rule designed to prevent the severely mentally ill from buying guns.

The rule was implemented after the Sandy Hook Massacre, in which a mentally ill man shot and killed 20 6- and 7-year-olds and six adults.

That massacre actually did happen.