The guy with the ‘homeless vet’ sign really is a homeless vet

William Tentis, 64, is one of the many people who hold cardboard signs around St. Paul.

His says “Veteran.10 yrs Army. God Bless.”

It’s been five years since he’s held a job — Honeywell, he says — and said “to hell with everybody” after his marriage ended.

KARE 11 has his story and that of Eric Reetz, a St. Paul cop who is also an Iraq war veteran, who wasn’t convinced Tentis really was a veteran until he asked him questions only a vet could answer.

“I gave him 20 bucks, I said, ‘Thank you for your service,’ and didn’t think I’d ever see the guy again,” he tells KARE’s Boyd Huppert.

But there he was, outside the next Minnesota Wild game where Tentis told him he spent the money on pork chops and food.

“I went to the ATM, handed him another 20 bucks, and said, here you go,” Reetz said.

It didn’t stop there.

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