After the bright lights of fashion week, a teen returns to cleaning hospital rooms

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Halima Aden, of St. Cloud, has gotten plenty of deserved attention for being the first fully-covered Muslim contestant to participate in the Miss Minnesota USA pageant, and for hitting the big time as a model in New York and Milan.

But the St. Cloud Times today has a fascinating glimpse into the 19-year-old’s life and values today. When she’s not with the bigshots and bright lights, she’s cleaning hospital rooms.

Dressed in her housekeeping uniform, she headed to the room of a recently discharged patient. She stripped the bed, removing the bedsheets and pillowcases. Then she tackled the bathroom, bending low to scrub the toilet. She stood up briefly to admire her work — a satisfied look on her makeup-less face.

“I’m proud of my modeling job, but I’m also proud of this job and that this was my start,” she said. “You go home and you feel good — especially if you’ve done a lot of rooms that night.”