Family finds $14k. Gives it back

Don’t you just hate it when you take $14,000 in cash to a car dealer, decide you don’t want to buy a car afterall, and when you put the bag of money on your roof while digging for your keys, you forget it’s there and drive off?

Jake Bowers, of Worthington, Ohio, spotted the bag that an unnamed person sent flying into the wind.

“There were a couple envelopes and then the corners were open and you could see inside that they were stuffed with hundred dollar bills,” Bowers tells a local TV station.

Bowers’ ship had come in.

“It was a good opportunity to teach the kids about doing the right thing,” said Bowers.


“While that money could have meant paying off our cars or going on a vacation to us, it may have meant groceries or sustenance to someone else,” said Bowers.

The family drove the money to the police station.

“We had the opportunity to help restore someone’s faith in humanity,” he told the Worthington (Ohio) News. “It’s not often when something like that happens to you that you’re going to see that money back. But it felt good to know we could do the right thing and potentially make a difference in someone’s life.”