Quadruplets accepted to Ivy League schools. But let’s talk about mom and dad

There had to be a lot of pressure on Zachary, Aaron, Nigel, and Nick Wade of Ohio. They are quadruplets and, presumably, none of them wanted to be the one who wasn’t accepted by an Ivy League school.

No worries. All of them were.

“I have had the honor of knowing these boys since they were young because of knowing their mom and dad,” said Lakota East High School Principal Suzanna Davis tells the local newspaper in Liberty Township. “I have watched these boys grow up into young men … and as students they epitomize what we would want from high school students.”

And maybe also what we would want in parents.

“It’s really our parents our friends and our community who have come together and taught us how to be disciplined. We feel like getting into these schools show who the people around us are,” said Nigel of parents Kim and Darrin.

Go on.

“There has never been a time in our life whenever we said something (career goals) they said ‘oh that’s a big goal,’” Zachary said.

“They said ‘I know you guys can do it. You guys are hard workers and the sky’s the limit,’” said Zachary. “We were never told that we couldn’t get somewhere.”

“I remember they were doing an ultrasound and they said, ‘Mr. Wade, you better sit down,'” their father recalls for the Washington Post. “I said, ‘What’s going on?’ They said, ‘There’s not two. There’s four,’ ” Wade said. “It was really at that point in time that I tried to figure out how we’re going to pay for school.”

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